Non posso fare a meno di, Alessia Fallica, frame from video EROS E THANATOS, 2020

The project is developed in a series of nine elaborated videos, nine episodes of a thought flow during the Covid-19 emergency prison period. Reflections, existential questions about everyday life are freed and intertwined in memories and introspective sensations that intersperse in moments of extreme rationality and the desire for emotional self-awareness not only of the artist but of an entire generation.

Alessia Fallica was born in 1998 in Lecce, where she attended the Liceo Artistico. She currently attends Multimedia Arts of New Technologies for the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her research explores media and information tools through video installation through the creation of introspective artifacts and the analysis of the mechanics of human nature, in its psychological and social aspects. Paths unitarily animated by the vision of an art that succeeds in being a sociological tool.

I can’t help but think, Alessia Fallica, frame from Praying, 2020.
I can’t help but think, Alessia Fallica, frame d Eros and Thanatos, 2020.


Alessia Fallica