Carolina Festa is 24 years old and born in Lecce but currently lives in Milan. She presents herself with her alter ego “Carolhaine”, to highlight a feeling of dissent developed over time.

She studied design and immediately began to enter the world of creative industry, where she discovered her passion for graphics and visual communication. After working for three years as a Jr Art Director for Condè Nast Publications Italy, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair & Wired, she decided to take a step back. Wondering what he really wanted to express, Carolina uses her creativity to recognize herself by going beyond the formal codes. The graphics and painting are two collateral constants in his work.

Canvas as Mirror is a series of paintings that comes from a fairly dark moment of the last two years. A period of loss of points of reference, of the sense of belonging, in which the panic attacks have taken over my life. I found peace only in the dialogue with a blank, empty space, the canvas, a dimension that I had forgotten.
A means to understand what was happening, to focus it in front of me as a kind of diagnosis, self-analysis. The canvas takes shape and color almost alone, the moment I leave it to that part of me that I do not know yet, blindly following the gestures of my fear.