Every week WHAT IS ON  wants to tell the protagonists, events that animate the world of Puglia’s contemporary art and culture actively. Today we have the pleasure to talk  with Federico Patrocinio, founder of White photo gallery in Lecce and curator of the exhibition Ctrl + P open until next Sunday.


1) Hello Federico! For us at Apuliart we liked the Ctrl + P event because it gives young emerging photographers the opportunity to show off but above all while staying in the Apulian borders. Tell us how and when your idea was born.

The idea of ctrl + P was born several months ago, it was probably the natural evolution of my commitment on two parallel fronts: printer work and curator work within my exhibition space. Organizing an exhibition from my idea that photography should be printed was like closing a circle.


2) Include in three keywords the purpose of your Ctrl + P work.


3) What response did the initiative from the participants but above all from the city of Lecce?

The answer to the call was excellent both in terms of quality and quantity. I am very happy and I think I will soon re-launch the event. The city welcomed the idea very much, the attendance at the show was amazing and the audience sincerely interested.


4) What’s the difference between photography collective exhibition Ctrl + P and others?

The attention to print quality has certainly played a key role.

5) In our section Regeneration we interview young emerging artists on their art, but also on their personal relationship with the land of origin. Is Puglia  a fertile ground to create and do something for young artists or in general to promote art?

The are art have to been cultivated  with care and  same  the ground seems the right one to me . Talking about photography, we are so much in taking the responsibility of creating an appropriate cultural offer. I think that this commitment will lead to something good in the next 10 years.