Deep site | Luca Coclite
curated by Alice Caracciolo
15 May – 15 July 2021
linea, via D’Annunzio 77, Lecce
linea opens its spaces on May 15, 2021 with the solo exhibition of the Salento artist Luca Coclite, which will focus on some recurring themes of his research or the study of the relationship between virtuality and real experience in the landscape in architecture.
The works on show will have a common denominator based on the concepts of metamorphosis, temporality and disappearance; there will also be a publication, realized on the occasion of the exhibition and printed in an edition of 30 copies.
The exhibition

“Temporal loops with captions, telescopic dwellings that scale the sky, pyramids, house-tombs, pedestal-stones for hawks and owls, symbols and signals to be deciphered of places where man was in perpetual search of the link between the spiritual and natural worlds. Deep Site includes a series of my video, photographic and sculptural works, which have as their subject architecture, symbols, messages from the rural world and ruins – pseudo real – digitally enhanced pseudo-real – digitally enhanced. These works are mostly modified portraits of architectural structures in decline, close to dissolution and inserted in landscape places that have lost their original features and that nevertheless continue to exercise their symbolic and representative potential in the web”. (Luca Coclite).

The artistic research of Luca Coclite (1981, Gagliano del Capo, LE, IT) focuses on the analysis of the contemporary image related to landscape and architecture, as a ground on which to investigate various sociological factors that arise. For several years he has been observing the transformation of the territories, the surrounding and with it the contradictions inherent in the political and social aspects. For his works he uses different visual languages, preferring drawing, photography and video. The latter, in the specifco, formalized in environmental installations, is a means that allows him to combine different scenarios where materiality and immateriality meet.
Over the years he has taken part in several national and international residency programs, in 2017 he won the scholarship of – NCTM and L’Arte – which allows him to develop a research project at Experimental Intermedia in New York. His work has been exhibited in several foundations and museums such as the National Gallery in Rome and the Fondazione del Monte in Bologna. In recent years he has collaborated and co-founded several art and curatorial projects, including Ramdom and Casa a Mare, which have allowed him to deepen his study of places in relation to artistic practices. In 2018 he co-founded, together with Laura Perrone, studioconcreto.