50 pages

Dimensions: 28.50X20 cm

Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto

First edition 2018, 50 copies

Editing and layout: Kaspar Hauser

40 euros

What happens to a photo and when the link between the represented person and his external referent is lost? When no one can more “mean” the photographs they are reduced to raw information.
Dialoghi Italiani starts from the fortuitous discovery of some family photo albums abandoned on the street. Most of the photos had been damaged by rain and humidity while others had almost completely decomposed into color pigments. However, some images kept intact portraits of family members in daily moments and during domestic and social rituals.

The images of the album have been re-photographed and decomposed into something even more partial. Fragments of bodies, places, and gestures create a new memory of this family. Another series of shots realized through a macroscopic lens emphasizes instead the materiality and the abstract value of photography.
This project is inspired by a reflection of the homonymous work by Giordano Bruno in which the philosopher compares the universe to an animated organism composed of an infinite and perpetually changeable matter. Like the Brown cosmos, photography is also a substance in constant transformation.

Our review:

The book by Alessia Rollo is born of a fortuitous case: the discovery of a family album abandoned on the street. Still, the case is an accomplice of events: atmospheric agents intervene and transfigure the photographs of memory. The great sensitivity of the photographer allowed to go beyond appearances and to understand the potential of the photographs ruined by the rain.

Dialoghi Italiani is an interesting project that questions the world of the past that wants to be forgotten. The book project wants to give a second chance to everything that is thrown into the bin and rediscovers it, through the life of microorganisms, which are active heirs and participants in life.

The analysis of the world is subtlety and even delicacy. Alessia rediscovers the micro world present every day on the surface of the photographs, which have always been a metaphor of memory and of the memory not to be forgotten. The subjects, the bodies, the eyes of the humans and of the objects of the photographs modified by the atmospheric agents; all of a sudden they lose their materiality, becoming more and more like abstract and metaphysical appearances: they are visions.

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