Each week (RE)GENERATION proposes a young and emerging artist under 35. Today we have the pleasure to talk with Francesco Stabili, young photographer and video maker based in Lecce.

1)Hello! Tell us about you! Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in your life?

Hello! My name is Francesco and I come from Lecce, a city in the south of Puglia. I have recently completed my studies at the Art High School. At the moment I deal with photography, video and editing and I hope that one day all of this will be my job.

2)How did you understand what your artistic expression was?

As a child, I have focused on capturing simple subjects, which for me seemed unique, particular and meaningful to me. I’ve never had to look for my art in reality. For me, photographing is instinctive! It helps me a life to my creativity and all that I have inside of me.


3)What’s the aim of yourk work? What do you want to tell?

As well as many artist, my goal is to set a connection between the the observer and my personal world. A world that is unusual, surrealistic and nostalgic.  I think those three adjectives describe my person at best.

4)Is your country a source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

Yes! Especially the places where I spent my childhood. Places like the seaside, often without people, only roofs and buildings.

5)What artists do you refer to or feel close to you art?

Orlan, Alexis Christodoulou, leonardo scotti, araki, ren hang, leslie zhang, Henri matisse, Alex prager, domingo milella, are certainly the artists from whom I draw more inspiration.


6)What do you think about the artistic scene of your homewtown? Is it a place where young artists like you can get the support and the motivation need?

On one hand, I think it’s quite active with special regard to craftsmanship and the city’s cultural season. On the other hand,  there are no incentives for new forms of art. However there are a lot of limits and private management.




7)Suggest three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists in Southern Italy.

In my opinion an idea that can be a synthesis of many proposals and ideas, would be to create a magazine of artists of Southern Italy. The magazine would be useful to highlight works of art with a link to their origin and place.

8)In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting personalities from Apulia to places with more attractive career opportunities. Is, in your opinion, a change of direction possible?

From my point of view, it is possible. Although artists are not able to improve job opportunities.

9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

Lately I’m working on a videotape project and I’m going to expose it for August / September.

10)Do you see any artistic career or artistic project in Apulia in your future?

I hope so! Also because I think it is a place to exploit and enhance and serve beyond the usual commercial and tourist things.