After its closure, Apuliart will visit the exhibition “Casa, studio, bookshop” by Giuseppe De Mattia, at the 121+ bookshop, in via Savona 17a (Milan). We talk with Giorgio Cellini, partner and supervisor of the bookshop Corraini.

The 121+ bookshelf is not qn usual bookshop but its appearance changes often. For a few months, 121+ invites a different artist to work in his spaces to upset the original appearance.

This time Giuseppe De Mattia is the artist who appropriates the space of 121+. He transforms it into his studio. The work of the artist from Brindisi creates a bridge between the soul of the Corraini archive and the contemporary world of art.

The Corraini archive born in Mantua in 1970 as an art gallery. It documents the activity of artists  difficult to place in the contemporary art scene too . Giuseppe De Mattia extracts from the archive of 121+ Corraini artists  important to his training and work as Bruno Munari and Mimmo Conenna.

Giuseppe De Mattia,‘10 lanci di fascia elastica’ e opere di Mimmo Conenna, libreria 121+, Milano, 2018
Giuseppe De Mattia,‘10 lanci di fascia elastica’ and works of Mimmo Conenna, libreria 121+, Milano, 2018

So the exhibition is a dialogue between the works of Giuseppe di Mattia and some works from the Corraini archive.

To De Mattia, Munari is an important reference point for his pioneering works such as L’Abitacolo. It is reconstructed in the space of 121+ by the artist. Giuseppe di Mattia maintains the original structure with some notes and objects of daily life. This space becomes for Giuseppe De Mattia a place of work and think.

L'Abitacolo di Giuseppe De Mattia, libreria 121+, Milano, 2018.
L’Abitacolo by Giuseppe De Mattia,  121+, Milano, 2018.

On the same wall there are the works Mimmo Conenna,  an not famous artist, and “10 launches of elastic band” by Guseppe De Mattia. This work is a series of drawings  of memories of rubber bands by a wooden rifle. The rubber bands thrown and then fallen to the ground unarmed, create unconscious forms.

Mimmo Conenna is important to Giuseppe De Mattia because they share by  the Apulian origin and  the conceptual idea and they use everyday objects to realize their works.

“Calipsonian”, Giuseppe De Mattia, 121+, Milano, 2018.

In the exhibition there is the photographic series “Calipsonian”. It is a new project by Giuseppe De Mattia to reflect on the communication of the plant and animal.

On one of the tables full of books, is dedicated to the publications of Corraini chosen by Giuseppe De Mattia. It makes closer  the public with the his artistic and personal work. Next to Munari’s books there is also the well-known text “The manual of young marmots”, essential to survive in contemporary art.

Libri di Editore Corraini scelti da Giuseppe De Mattia, 121+, Milano, 2018
Books by Corraini chosen by Giuseppe De Mattia, 121+, Milano, 2018


Spazio della libreria 121+, Corraini, Milano, 2018
Bookshop of  121+, Corraini, Milano, 2018