28 pages
1st edition, 100 copies
(signed and numbered by the artist)
10 euros

“A sudden crack, a break, a fracture.
The fracture is a phenomenon that presents a cause of armed forces on a material and a disintegration of the material itself into minor fragments. According to a mechanical logic, it may be more important, but things happen but everything could remain unchanged.
Stopping in memory a fact that has continued to exist, constantly changing the reality that touches. To keep a mind I use the drawing. A quick stroke, a note, what I wanted to say is a moment, but arrived a little late, with hindsight. “



Our review:

The project by Francesco Cuna is a collection of small graphics tables that tell the author’s suggestions and sensations, on the news events that have affected his life between the years 2015/2016. They are personal notes, they are real comments
on contemporary history.

The white page is animated by quick, extemporaneous gestures and fleeting traits, which want to grasp the will to stop and return to reflect. A quick trait aware of having arrived late and to stop at the right moment the thought of Cuna, in the vortex of the immediate and nefarious communication of today. “These are metasatiric notes”, as the artist defines them, which brings back the fleeting reality into an intimate dimension, outside the imposed rules. Ink strokes that play and overturn the clichés and common fantasies. The notebooks are an invitation for all to stop and reflect and to use their critical spirit to be aware of the reality around us.
The project is the work of an independent production, it is possible to support the work by purchasing one of the copies.

If you are interested, you can contact the author directly at