From September 24th to 29th a new building site was born: it is a star, the result of the residence of the artist from Puglia Gianni D ‘U Urso, now living in Bologna, for the third edition of Industrial Theraphy.

Apuliart Contemporary previously met Caterina Quarta who answered some of our questions about what it means to think and work on the area industrial through artistic action. Caterina together with the art critic Giuseppe Amedeo Arnesano and the photographer and visual artist Alice Caracciolo , founded the cultural association FAC, which proposes itself as an active reality in the field of outfitting, design and organization of exhibitions and cultural events that connect the works and users. FAC intends to investigate the industrial dimension of the city of Lecce, to study and intervene on the critical issues of peripheral urban tissues.


FAC team with Gianni D’Urso, 2018

The theme chosen to characterize the third edition was “Immaginario”, or what could be the “collective” imagination of the industrial area of Lecce. Starting from a thought of Italo Calvino, “a city does not enjoy seven or seventy wonders. The answer you give to your question “, some artists have been asked to anew, through their expressive language, in a reflection on the possible questions that generate this space, on the perception and on the imaginary.

The Work “Realize your dreams”, proposed and created by Gianni D’Urso, installed in the circle of the third roundabout at 1.6 km of the industrial area. It is another piece that is configured in the Framework of urban redevelopment that looks with curiosity and interest in the cultural growth of the territory.