8-18 September 2018

curated by
Ester De Rosa
Conception and Organization DIDA.ART srl

For the first time, an artist is asked to realize some site-specific works, specifically created for the spaces of the Inn of the Challenge by giving a new interpretation to the values of the Challenge and offering a contemporary view of the historical theme.

The artist chosen by the curator is Francesca Loprieno, born in Italy but French of adoption: herbiography  gives a further meaning to the expositive project, showing her creative process as the result of a cultural and post-modern summary of the local and human rivalries appeared after the Challenge.

The site-specific project develops through quotes and references to the historical context, the places of the Challenge, the material and immaterial heritage, and it is built with images and words in order to involve the visitor and create visual offers of great immediacy. The exhibition is the result of a search that the artist has started in the territory and of a journey that has brought her from France, and Paris, to Apulia, in the places of the Challenge. The cornerstone of this artistic experience is the territory of the dispute, between Andria and Corato, in Contrada Sant’Elia, with the Epitaph that remembers the event. Solitary, often forgotten and rarely valorized, surrounded by a quiet rural and nearly surreal landscape where olive trees live, the monument is often found in the proposed images.

Cantina della Sfida
Piazza della Sfida, 76121 Barletta BT

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