Each week (RE)GENERATION proposes a young and emerging artist under 35. Today we have the pleasure to talk with Lisa Cutrino, young and emerging painter award-winning and student of Academy of fine arts in Bari.


1) Hello! Tell us about you! Who are you? where you from? and what you do in life.

Hi everybody ! my name is Lisa Cutrino, I live in Bari and I study to the Academy of arts, in the painting course.

2) How did you understand what your artistic expression was?

I have always had a strong interest in the arts even before attending high school in Lecce. By the time I learned to understand what I liked doing and what not. Now I can say that in my way to doing art I do not exclude anything, each instrument can be useful to make the best of the artwork.

3) What is the aim of your job? What do you want to tell?

My work is based on the representation of degradation in all its forms and on many times satirical denunciation. The end of my job is to communicate, to generate a positive and negative response to the viewer. My work is straightforward and easy to read, my subjects and my “scenery” always take everyday scenes or commonly items like an example.


Luisa Cutrino
Luisa Cutrino ” Whim”

4) Is your country a source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

Everything is a source of inspiration. I look around constantly, no matter where I am, I think the important thing is to create connections between thought and what we see. Even a poop in a flowerbed can be a source of inspiration.

5) What artists do you refer to or feel close to your art?

I don’t know, I’m constantly surrounded by people working in this field, and as I said before I often look around, I take the positive and the negative from everything and I assimilate it.

6) What do you think about the artistic scene of your hometown? Is it a place where young artists like you can get the support and the motivation need?

There is a poor interest in the young artist and to the initiatives related to them, but we could do more. There is raw material, but we need to learn how to use it better.


Luisa Cutrino
Luisa Cutrino ” Confidences”

7) Suggest three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists in Southern Italy.

Create prize contests, a workshop open to the public, space where you can make cyclical exhibitions. Emoticon glasses These are choices. I think that today you can make yourself known without going out of the puglia or italy. There are many competitions that allow this. Everything is in the artist’s skill in knowing how to move and let his work know to the public, propose himself in galleries, participate in competitions, make exhibitions. Everything can be a showcase and a source of visibility

8)In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting personalities from Apulia to places with more attractive career opportunities. Is, in your opinion, a change of direction possible?

I know artists who have decided to stay in Puglia and now they are international artists. You have to be determined and consistent to get results.

9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

Finish the academy and devote 100% of my energy to my job. Future projects are many, perhaps too many.

10) Do you see any artistic work in Puglia in your future?

There will certainly be an opportunity very soon.


Lisa Cutrino
Lisa Cutrino “Expectations”.


Luisa Cutrino
Luisa Cutrino ” Implosion”