Each week Apuliart proposes a young emerging artist under 26 for the (Re)generation headline. Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Lorenzo Sparascio , a young student of the Lecce Fine Arts Academy with a great ability to make in his works his original personality and the colors and influences of his country of origin.


1) Hello! Tell us about you! Who are you? where you from? and what you do in life.

Hi! I’m Lorenzo Sparascio, I live and study in Lecce, where I attend the Academy of Fine Arts, but I’m actually from Tricase.

2) How did you understand what your artistic expression was?

I have always developed my artistic expression in a spontaneous manner. I don’t study to become an artist, I don’t believe it could evolve this way. As time passes by, I leave those drawing tecniques too much academic, I don’t like spending too much time in front of a canvas, I can’t stand it. My works are created on the heat of the moment, they are quite instinctive, with quickly-drawn lines. More than caring for the aesthetic aspect of my art, I wish to deliver clearly the inner message to the viewer or to leave space to the immagination through empty spaces.


Lorenzo Sparascio artwork
Lorenzo Sparascio artwork ” Untitled”.



3) Which is the end of your job? What do you want to tell?

It’s difficult to establish the end of an artwork, unless one doesn’t feel quite satisfacted with it. It’s equally difficult to know where to stop and not to be wat too common, that’s what I tend to do every time I have an ongoing work. Beginning and arrival are two steps I believe are the most difficult to reach.

4) Is your home country a source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

Yes, indeed! My birthplace has determined how I observe things and influences me and my works every day, every time. Everything is an inspirational source, from smells to the ground I step on, to the sea, that changes every day. I see my birthplace as a mermaid, a creature that lives inside everyone of us, halfway the shores and the sea: the sea resembles the nature of local people, is more influent than one can imagine. It could be stormy and melancholy then, in a moment, turn back to quiet and clear. Otherwhile, the ground represent roots and tradition, our common sense and what never changes in us. Unfortunately, our land is often abused and historic places are always abandoned and forgotten and so are our roots.

5) What artists do you refer to or feel close to your art?

I couldn’t answer to this right now, I basically get inspired from what I experience in everyday life, maybe I never thought about this. I’m particularly attracted to artists from Nouveau Réalism, like Ives Klein, but I could talk about directors, writers, musicians too. Everything could inspire me and become art in turn.

What happens in everyday life is fundamental, from contemporary art to newspaper chronicles: it’s mandatory to know and always to be informed, in order to compair to people that work in the same field and, maybe, empathize with them.


Lorenzo Sparascio artwork
Lorenzo Sparascio artwork “Border Blue”.


6)What do you think about the artistic landscape of your hometown? Is  it a space to being valued for young artists like you?

Absolutely, yes! I understand that is difficult to stay, especially for who tryes to make room in art-world, but it’s a place that offers a lot. This place, in the world, should be a finish-line and, at the same time, a starting point, a place where an artist could land and feel himself or herself surrounded with culture.

7) Suggest three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists for South Italy.

I think that should be places that can guest artists from all over the world, in order to create debate and contaminate different cultural visions. Organizing campuses, giving the possibility to artists to show themselves, hosting world-known artists. Something like this already exists, something is moving in the last years, but they often pass unnoticed or there’s not a proper help from public institutions.

8)In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting personalities from Apulia to lands with more promises of future career. Do you think a change of course of this movement is possible?

As I said before, our land should be a starting point and a dock too. I know that, unfortunately, everythng is far away from here, but I hope that one day one could begin to trace its own way from here.


Lorenzo Sparascio artwork
Lorenzo Sparascio artwork ” Untitled”.


9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

Right now I’m focused on my studies in the Academy, I don’t have my mind clear on future. Surely I will try to open many doors on the art-world, starting from here.

10)Do you see any artistic work in Puglia in your future?

I would like to contribute to my land, sure. But, for now, I prefer to live the present.


Lorenzo Sparascio artwork
Lorenzo Sparascio artwork ” Untitled”.


Lorenzo Sparascio artwork
Lorenzo Sparascio artwork ” Untitled”.



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