Every week Apuliart Contemporary presents a young and emerging under 35 artist. Today we have the pleasure of talking with Mary Maglionico, photographer now in Bratislava for her next photographic project.

1) Hello! Tell us a little about yourself! Who you are, where you come from and what you do in life.

I come from Fasano but I completed my studies in Communication in Lecce. I live temporarily in Bratislava where I am drawing inspiration for a new photographic project.

2) How did you understand what your artistic expressive form was?

I chose photography as an expressive medium (not only artistic) for necessity, it is the only way I can really communicate what I want to express without having to explain it in words. I have always loathed captions, definitions at all costs. Photography (as I understand it) is a sensation, it is subjective, it is abstract and it is far from anything that is difficult for me to communicate in everyday life.

3) What is the purpose of your work? What do you want to tell?

I have never set an established goal or a specific purpose. I take pictures of the images I have in mind at a specific moment and I try to reproduce them by finding the subject and the right scenario. I do not care to tell stories but to reproduce sensations, visual suggestions, like when you listen to a melody that is familiar to you but you’ve never heard before.

4) Has your homeland been the source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

I have always had a special relationship with my land of origin, which I love and hate at the same time. Puglia is a region that offers many ideas photographically, so I started my journey photographing landscapes. However, I felt that without a subject, those landscapes remained incomplete. I did not want only to reproduce the beauty of my land but to insert a sub-text, a second personal reading. I then decided to move to put myself mostly to the test and to experiment with new scenarios and new perspectives.

5) Which are the artists you refer to or who feel close to your art?

In addition to the cannot artists from which I have certainly drawn inspiration (Nan Goldin, Guy Bourdin, Nobuyoshi Araki, Todd Hido, Luigi Ghirri, Franco Fontana), there are several new generation photographers who continue to surprise me for the originality of their work. These include Cristina Coral, Brooke DiDonato, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Maria Svarbova, Li Hui and Jasmine Deporta.

Photo by Mary Maglionico,2018
Photo by Mary Maglionico,2018

6) What do you think of the artistic panorama of your hometown? Is there any chance of having space and being valued for young artists like you?

Fasano is not a very large country, there are certainly fewer opportunities than big cities, so many tend to move elsewhere. There are certainly many talents who have managed to establish themselves outside the local context.

7) Suggest three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists for Southern Italy.

It would certainly be useful to have more space in which to propose the emerging art. I believe that Puglia offers different opportunities. I find it difficult to experiment, ours is a very conservative culture that tends to offer more space to the canon. I would like to pay more attention to what is less easily understood, an eye training to move away from the safe area of art.

8) In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting artistic personalities from Puglia to lands with greater promises of future career but many choose to stay. Do you think it is possible to change the course of this movement?

I believe that those born here cannot stay there long but can and must return. Above all for an artist, it is essential to come into contact with different realities, to act like a thief, to take what is best for each experience, to make it his own and, perhaps, to return to share it with others and make the context better. in which we were born and lived.

9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

I’m working in a series (which I have not done yet) and in the future, I’d like to exhibit my work in a small art gallery.

10) Do you see an artistic work in Puglia in your future?

So I hope I can live on what I love to do, it would be the greatest satisfaction. I would like this to happen in Puglia but I prefer to experience abroad now, I still see the future as something too far away.



Photo by Mary Maglionico,2018


Photo by Mary Maglionico,2018