From December 4th to December 31st, 2018 by appointment
Opening: 4 December 2018, 19.00
Anna Dormio / Alberto Fiorin | Ruins and Reflexes

edited by Mariagrazia De Giorgi

The title of the Ruins and Reflexes exhibition refers to the complementarity between destructive elements. A search by Fiorin through the chasm in marble and by the pistol shots inflicted by Dormio – and vitalistic elements, blinding and reflective, as in the very white plaster of the sculpture and in the light captured by the precious snapshots. A double that alternates planes of consciousness and instinct, utopian dimensions and informal naturesThe artists are confronted by expressing the terms of an impossible equation: the wounds and reflexes, as the hypothesis of a work on matter and on the immaterial, make up a paradoxical binomial generating references and tensions attributable to the physical and metaphysical plane.


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