Every week WHAT IS ON wants to tell the protagonists and the events that animate the world of contemporary Apulian art and culture. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Lavinia Del Croce, a member of Southern sofa Film factory; Young audiovisual production company based in Taranto.

1) Hello Lavinia! Apuliart really likes your idea of Southern Sofa Film Factory
because it is a project that collects the various experiences of all members, working and telling your city where you were born: Taranto. Tell us how and when it was born your idea.

So Marco and I met on the set of a short film. During the working days we immediately understood that a solid and profitable collaboration could be born so, once back from the Netherlands, we founded Southern.

2) Write the intent of Southern Sofa Film Factory in 3 words.

Tale, Reality, Curiosity.

Lavinia and Marco of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017
Lavinia and Marco of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017

3) What feedback did your project have from the city of Taranto?

Although our activity started a little over two months, the response was positive: both in the field, where people often approach asking us what we are doing, both on the internet and on social media, where feedback is positive!

4) What has your production company different from the others?

I do not know … there are issues, such as social and artistic ones, to which we lend more
attention, or ethical aspects that we consider essential. In the workplace we are led to openness towards other realities because it amuses us compare and experiment.
We think it’s always important to look around and keep learning.

Lavinia at work of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017
Lavinia at work of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017


5) In our Regeneration section, we interview young emerging artists about their art
but also on the personal relationship with the land of origin. What do you think of the artistic panorama in Puglia? Is Puglia a fertile ground for creating and doing something for young artists or in general to promote art?

Puglia is a fantasy land!it keeps us and gives us every day fundamental suggestions for our work. A good part of our ideas was born simply looking around and letting us be inspired by what surrounds us! and slowly discovering that anything has a story waiting to be told.

My desire is to collect as much as possible and make them known outside of our territorial and mental borders.

In the last 10 years in Puglia, the situation has improved for young artists compared to the past, but we believe that even more incisive policies must be implemented to facilitate the development of new artistic realities.

In these weeks we have started a collaboration with various local and collective groups artistic (as Ammostro di Taranto) and we believe we are lucky to collaborate with others splendid artists, and it would be a shame to squander this wealth!


Marco at work of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017
Marco at work of Southern Sofa Film Factory, 2017


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