Detail of Study on “Flagellazione” by Piero della Francesca, 2016
Study on "Flagellazione" by Piero della Francesca, 2016
Michele Guido work at Miart 2017

 Today I visited the exhibition of contemporary art Miart open until April 2 to show door and during the tour of many stands of galleries from around the world, I found on a large white wall works by Michele Guido which are part of the collection Lia Rumma Gallery. The work examines “La Flagellazione” by Piero della Francesca. In the first part there is a study on the geometric structure of the work. In the second part there’s a study on the flooring on which the scene unrolls. We can observe the geometric construction of the two modules.


Detail of Study on “Flagellazione” by Piero della Francesca, 2016

Another interesting work on the geometry of the Renaissance study Raphael urbinas garden project 1504. This project started in 2011 he looks at the study of Sposalizio della Vergine by Raffaello.

On the Urbino artist’s work background is architecture a central plan to sixteen sides of the temple in Jerusalem, while in the foreground turns the wedding scene. In raphael urbinas garden project _1504/2015 ,Michele Guido performs an analytical study on the iconography of the work and on the temple perspective drawing and are kept on the plant development also on garden design created by the extension of the lotus leaf ribs which is screen printed on the glass

michele guido raphael urbinas project 2011

raphael urbinas garden project _1504/2015, stampa lambda b/n, stampa diretta su poliestre bimattato, forex, vetro ar luxar 3mm serigrafato, gesso, multistrato okumè, cm 97x250x12

From previous studies, founded the temple in three-dimensional view of raphael urbinas garden project 1504/2011 where you can see from the carvings on the sides of the prisms, Michele Guido dates from the ribs of a leaf,the lines come on top of architecture to draw a garden flower beds in plan.
So the architecture of the fifteenth century passes from the two-dimensionalplane to the three-dimensional thanks to the digital processing of Raphael’s temple withlaser engraving the leaf creates the dome garden.

michele guido raphael urbinas project 2011
michele guido raphael urbinas project 2011
michele guido art
raphael urbinas garden project 1504/2011






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