Each week Apuliart proposes a young emerging artist under 26 for the (Re)generation headline. Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Chiara Spinelli , young and great illustrator of children’s word.

1) Hello! Tell us about you! Who are you? where you from? and what you do in life.

Hi! I’m Chiara Spinelli and i work as illustrator for children in graphic world.


2) How did you understand what your artistic expression was?

When my first thought, just woke up, was to sit behind the green table and draw.


3) What is the end of your job? What do you want to tell?

What you want to tell is constantly changing and I often prefer to listen to what people are doing through my drawings.
Surely the end of my job is to tell what I see and look at every day. To do this, use thin lines and simple shapes that, combined together, reinterpret the reality by giving the observer several keystrokes.


Chiara Spinelli, Little houses.
Chiara Spinelli, Little houses.


Chiara Spinelli,Hedgehog
Chiara Spinelli,Hedgehog


4) Is your home country a source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

Not particularly though the iconographic apparatus of an artist is necessarily influenced by the context in which it operates.


5) What artists do you refer to or feel close to your art?

That tall man 1.65 cm with black grizzled hair.


6) What do you think about the artistic landscape of your hometown? Is  it a space to being valued for young artists like you?

It is an ice cream that melts at 50 degrees and does not leave room in your stomach. You feel valorized only when everyone eats an ice cream with you in the same space.


7) Suggest three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists for South Italy.

– Create multiple collaboration networks.

– Organizing Festivals that can involve artistic personalities on the national and international landscape.

– Provide spaces that can accommodate and contain new ideas, new minds.



Chiara Spineelli, hot-air balloon
Chiara Spineelli, hot-air balloon


8)In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting personalities from Apulia to lands with more promises of future career. Do you think a change of course of this movement is possible?

Despite the fact that many artists in the area have moved, we have been witnessing for several years now to a conscious return and rich in experience. I think a change of course is absolutely possible and necessary for a renewal in the artistic and cultural context of Lecce.


9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

The only sure future plan is to keep looking at a sheet, take a pen and draw.


10) Do you see any artistic work in Puglia in your future?

I believe very much in the potential and at the same time in the “fertility” that this place still reserves.


Chiara Spinelli, The man was destroyed
Chiara Spinelli, The man was destroyed


Chiara Spinelli, Shoes
Chiara Spinelli, Shoes

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