Each week (RE)GENERATION proposes a young and emerging artist under 35. Today we have the pleasure to talk with Mattia Carlà, Graphic artist linked to underground culture and the skateboarding.

1) Hello! Tell us about yourself! Who you are, where you come from? What do you do in life?

Hello! My name is Mattia Carlà, I come from Cavallino, in the province of Lecce. I currently study at the Academy of fine arts of Brera and work in Milan. In life I draw, I love music and I go skate, mainly.

2) How did you understand what your artistic expressive form was?

I always knew it was the art of drawing, not because I was good at it, but because I really liked it. I have been aware of it after experiencing many other types of languages.

3) What is the aim of your work? What do you want to tell?

Not all of my work is born out of precision. For example, I created works for cd covers, logos or animations on the computer. Others, however, arise as pure exhortation and have no expressive or narrative pretense.

4) Is your country a source of inspiration for your works and your artistic vision?

I think my home country has had an indirect influence. I appreciate the ancient art of Messapi, who was the ancient inhabitants of my area. Of this artistic culture, I feel very personal symbols.


Graphic art by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel for Happy Pain
Graphic art by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel for Happy Pain


5) What artists do you refer to or feel close to your art?

At the moment I would say Ashton Dame, William Pacheco, and Caterina Dufi … The third is fortunate to know her.

6) What do you think about the artistic scene of your hometown? Is it a place where young artists like you can get the support and the motivation need?

I live in Milan for three years, so I’m not really informed. I know that there are some active spaces, such as the Knoss or Cantelmo workshops. As for official exhibition spaces, I know nothing. Having said that, I know many really good young artists in photography, painting, writing, and music. Many guys in my high school Ciardo have a great talent for example. There are several emerging bands that will soon get what they deserve.

Concept drawing by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel
Concept drawing by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel

7) Propose three ideas to launch the culture of emerging artists for Southern Italy.

1. Securely a magazine (online or printed) to make cultural and artistic promotion.
2. Remove funding for revaluation of things that then become parking or rotating and start opening up to INTERCULTURAL events.
3. Generally speaking, spaces are needed to create workshops and workshops, covering a thousand areas, not just that. You have to bring young people closer to culture, the world is going to roll do not know if you’ve noticed it.

8) In recent years we are witnessing a migration of interesting personalities from Apulia to places with more attractive career opportunities. Is, in your opinion, a change of direction possible?

In my opinion, we should all leave sooner or later, but for their own personal growth, not because of the need to run away from boredom and ignorance. My land Salento is a fantastic place for the views it gives us, the cuisine, the traditions, the sea … Unfortunately, the other face of the medal is that all this is polluted by a profound ignorance rooted in institutions and mafias … The change of route is a very generic thing, everyone has to realize if their place is in the south or elsewhere.


Work by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel during 7X7 exhibition at Lume, 2015
Work by Mattia Carlà alias Hotel with Jimmy Milani during 7X7 exhibition at Lume, 2015


9) What are your future plans? And your projects?

I am currently a member of the Urbino National Art Prize. In the near future, I’m going to finish the academy, and I have a few exams and theses. After that, I would like to take a few months to reorganize curriculum and portfolio. After that, I would like to travel a bit, evaluate a specialist somewhere. My goal of life is to have a campaign and a dog.

10) Do you see an artistic work in Puglia in your future?

I have a strange concept of the term art, I can not link it with the word work. That said, I would say yes, but not in the immediate … I would like to finish my studio, where I can produce it with who I think when I think.


91, glich art serie by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel
Glich art series by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel


91, glitch art serie by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel
91, Glitch art serie by Mattia Carlà alias Hoel


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